Third Graduate Political Theory Conference, 11-12 June, SciencesPo, Paris

Keynote Speaker: Seyla Benhabib

Organizers: Anastasia Colosimo, Emilien Fargues, Amélie Férey, Marianne Fougère, Maurits de Jongh, Margaux Le Donné, Yoel Mitrani, Valentin Schmite, Tom Theuns

For the papers, please follow this link:

Thursday, June 11, 98 rue de l’Université

9:15 Welcoming of the participants

9:45 Welcome Speech: Frédéric Mion, Director of Sciences Po 

10:00    #1  Democratic Engagement Moderator: Emilien Fargues

Outside Democracy: Rethinking Solitude as a Political Concept Guy Paltiel  (University of Cambridge)

Democracy, Character and Trust James Hodgson (University of York)

11:30 Coffee Break

12:00 #2 Domination and Justice Moderator: Tom Theuns

Exploitation and Justice: a Defense of the Distributive Paradigm Daniel Iley-Williamson (Oxford University)

Rescuing Impartiality from Constructivism Pierre-Etienne Vandamme (Université catholique de Louvain)

1:30 Lunch Break

3:00 #3 Between Norms and Practice Moderators: Amélie Férey and Valentin Schmite

Practicability Requirements over Normative Political Theory: Two Ways to Justify  the Limit of Political Possibilities  Greta Favara(LSE ; University of Milan)

Anti anti-normativism: the Critical Theory of Seyla Benhabib  Ana Clàudia Lopes Silveira (State University of Campinas ; Sao Paulo  Research Foundation )

4:30 Coffee Break

5:00 #4  Spectatorship and the Common World  Moderator: Marianne Fougère

A Sentimental Conviction : Rousseau’s Apologia and the Impartial Spectator  Adam Schoene (Cornell University)

Revisiting the Archimedian Point: Hannah Arendt and World Alienation Liesbeth Schoonheim (KU Leuven)

Friday, June 12, 98 rue de l’Université

10:00 Keynote Address  Seyla Benhabib: Democratic Iterations and Cosmopolitan Human Rights: a New Paradigm for thinking the Dialectic of Law and Politics

11:15 Coffee Break

11:30 #5  Benhabib’s Other Cosmopolitanism Moderator: Maurits de Jongh

Cosmopolitanism and Patriotic Partiality in War: Is a Democracy’s Army an Obstacle to a Transition from International to Cosmopolitan Norms of Justice Kevin Buton-Maquet  (Université de Jean Moulin – Lyon 3)

Reconciling the Tension Between Universalism and Particularism at the Level of Praxis: ‘Democratic Iterations’ and The Arguments of Anti-Deportation Campaigns in Britain Diletta Lauro (Oxford University)

1:00 Lunch Break

2:30 #6  The Roots of Political Modernity Moderators: Yoël Mitrani and Anastasia Colosimo

Tolerating Locke: Judgement and Wit in the Letter concerning Toleration Boris Litvin (Northwestern University)

Natural Law and the Foundations of Secularism in Early Modern Thought Nathaniel Mull  (Columbia University)

Pity the Land that needs a Hero: Narrative and Chronotype in the Struggle for France Míde Ní Shúilleabháin (Dublin City University)

4:30 Coffee Break

5:00 #7  Democracy and the Competent Citizen Moderator: Margaux Le Donné

Participation, Expertise and Exclusion: Mill’s Considerations on Representative Government Udit Bhatia (Oxford University)

Should Democracy Include Everyone? Democratic Competence and Epistemic Democracy Kevin J. Elliott  (Columbia University)


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