Joint IPSA/Sciences Po Conference: Disobey! Understanding the Politics and Ethics of Disobedience

Disobey! Understanding the Politics and Ethics of Disobedience
IPSA, RC31/SciencesPo Joint Conference
September 28-29, 2015
Cevipof, 98, rue de l’Université

Organizing Committee: Astrid von Busekist, Frédéric Gros, John Medearis, Andrei Poama, Maurits De Jongh

Day 1: September 28

9:30-10:00: coffee & croissants
1 Panel 1: Sorting Out Disobedience: Concepts and Types (1) – 10:00-11:30
(Moderator: Tom Theuns, SciencesPo)

Why Prometheus could not have disobeyed
(Andrew Knox, UCL)
Fighting Back: Rejection of Punishment in Civil Disobedience
(Jeanne Provencher, Keble College, Oxford)

11:30-11:45: coffee break

2 Panel 2: Constitutional Disobedience – 11h45-13h15
(Moderator: Maurits De Jongh, SciencesPo)

Constitutionalizing civil disobedience? The case for universal legal exemptions on the grounds of conscience
(Andrea Baumeister, University of Stirling)
Disobedience as constitutional driver: why disobedience is constitutional (and constitutionally necessary) in well-ordered societies
(Anirudh Mathur, LSE)

13:15-14:30 – lunch break

3 Panel 3: Sorting Out Disobedience: Concepts and Types (2) -14h30-16h45
(Moderator: David Copello, SciencesPo)

Civil Disobedience and the Varieties of Resistance
(Robert Jubb, University of Leicester)
Désobéir: une posture éthique. Une typologie des « éveilleurs de conscience » (Virginie Beaudin-Houle, Dany Rondeau, Université du Québec à Rimouski)
Théoriser l’extra-légalité. Désobéissance, anti-obéissance, alter-obéissance
(Manuel Cervera-Marzal, Université Paris Diderot 7)
16:45- 17:00 – coffee break

Keynote: Kimberley Brownlee – 17:00-18 :00
‘Disobedience: The Rarest and Most Courageous of the Virtues?’

20:00 — Dinner

Day 2: September 29

10:00: coffee & croissants
4 Panel 4: Institutional Disobedience 10:00-11:30
(Moderator: John Medearis, University of California, Riverside)

The State’s obligation not to enforce the law
(Will Thomas, University of Michigan)
Disobedience as a practice of re-politicization: The case of jury nullification (Marianne Fougère, SciencesPo)
11:30-11:45 – coffee break

5 Panel 5: Uncivil Disobedience – 11:45-13:15
(Moderator: Andrei Poama, SciencesPo)

The Ethics of Hacktivisim  (Candice Delmas, Northeastern University)
De Tiqqun à « l’affaire Tarnac »: Eh bien la guerre!  (Aliénor Ballangé, SciencesPo)

13:15-15:00 – lunch break

6 Panel 6: Disobedience: Justification and Critique: 15:00-17:15
(Moderator: Astrid von Busekist, SciencesPo)

Disobedience as the second best (Ten Herng-Lai, Australian National University)
Resist! “Voluntary Insubordination” as Law-making (Nofar Sheffi, SciencesPo) Republican Disobedience (Guy Aitchinson, UCL)

17:15-17:30 – coffee break
Keynote: Frédéric Gros – 17:30-18:30
‘La désobéissance comme droit et comme devoir’