About Our Seminar

The SPOT seminar is a forum to discuss contemporary research in political theory. Our goal is to foster the dialogue between research conducted in France and overseas; to highlight the diversity of approaches and theories and to encourage debates between analytical and critical theorists.

We welcome contributions from political philosophers, political theorists, critical theorists, and historians of ideas and political thought.

Each session normally starts with a presentation a paper (30 – 45 minutes) which is followed by comments from a discussant (10 – 15 minutes). About an hour lest for questions and discussion with the audience.

The seminar is held once a month, on Thursday, from 5pm to 7pm. Please follow our blog posts and Facebook page for details and regular updates.

Working languages: English and French.

The seminar is attended by Faculty members, PhD and master students, as
well as participants from other departments and universities. Visitors are welcome.